24 December, 2011

A rapariga do soutien azul

Sabe-se agora que rapariga [Mona Eltahawy, de seu nome] brutalmente agredida no Cairo e que ficou conhecida como 'a rapariga do soutien azul', é jornalista e colaboradora, entre outros, do jornal 'The Guardian'. Onde relata, ela própria, o sucedido. Arrepiante.

[Imagem: 'Guardian']

(…) I suffered a broken left arm and right hand. The Egyptian security forces' brutality is always ugly, often random and occasionally poetic. Initially, I assumed my experience was random, but a veteran human rights activist told me they knew exactly who I was and what they were doing to my writing arms when they sent riot police conscripts to that deserted shop. Bashar al-Assad's henchmen stomped on the hands of famed Syrian cartoonist Ali Farzat. Our dictators tailor wounds to suit their victims' occupations (…)

[No 'Guardian']